meet the worlds first fully biodegradable & refillable tea collection

      We love beautiful packaging but hate throwing it out, so we created an alternative: Paper based, insta-worthy packaging that you can refill again and again.

      Our refill pouches are made from natural plant starch. They break down readily in a composting system while not producing any toxic material during their decomposition.

      we have a kit for that.
      We've curated the perfect kits to level up your daily rituals.
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      live & lead conciously.

      Tease creates tea & botantical infused goodness that supports you to live and lead consciously.

      We’re on a mission to show everyone that they have exceptional power to impact themselves, their communities, and their planet. We do this through supporting daily intentional rituals that create long lasting impact.

      -Sheena Brady, Founder & Tea Sommelier
      -Amanda Baker, COO + Herbalist