Triple Teatox | 30 Day Reset & Cleanse
Triple Teatox | 30 Day Reset & Cleanse-Tease Tea
Triple Teatox | 30 Day Reset & Cleanse-Tease Tea
Triple Teatox | 30 Day Reset & Cleanse-Tease Tea
Triple Teatox | 30 Day Reset & Cleanse-Tease Tea

Triple Teatox | 30 Day Reset & Cleanse

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Triple Teatox is designed to help you reach your goals, one sip at a time. Since 2015, Triple Teatox has been a cult favourite around here.

What happens when you enjoy blends that are great for your body, inside and out everyday, for 30 days? Those positive daily habits and decisions can help to achieve long lasting discipline & results.

Success starts with goals, and maintains itself with discipline. Triple Teatox is a specially formulated to kickstart or amplify your current health and wellness routine.


The Triple Teatox Pack includes:
• 30 day supply of our "daytime" blend *contains caffeine
• 30 day supply of our Triple Teatox "evening" tea, supports digestion *herbal blend
• Free signature gold infuser
• Digital goal setting checklist & program guide

Daytime Ingredients: Yerba maté, lemongrass

Evening Ingredients: Hibiscus, senna leaves, rosehip & pomegranate pieces

Each Teatox blend Makes up to 35 servings (70 servings total).

we have a kit for that.

expertly curated to level up your rituals.
what's in your cup?

Not all tea bags are created equal. We use whole leaf, all natural ingredients and materials that are free from chemicals or micro-plastics.

Our pyramid shape allows for water to pass through ingredients more freely, creating a higher quality and flavourful infusion.

blends with benefits.

From sleep sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm, and more. Whatever your goal, we've got you covered. Our tube packaging is 100% biodegradable + refillable & our pyramid tea bags are made of plant based fibres, plastic free, and also fully biodegradable. Benefiting you, Benefiting the planet.

investing in women.

A portion of proceeds from every order supports ambitious women founders through our funding and mentorship programs.

what our community says:


"Tease has levelled up my hydration game. Obsessed with Turmeric Tonic + Aim Chai. They have become daily staples in my home."

Los Angeles, CA

"I love that I never have to think about ordering more tea - it just shows up. So much better than running out."

Toronto, ON

"So many tea bags contain plastics or chemicals. I love that these tea bags are so pure, and filled with pick me up ingredients."

Toronto, ON


Orders placed before 12pm EST are generally shipped same day. Orders within Canada will arrive in 2-5 days, while US or international orders can take 3-8 days.

Our pyramid shaped tea bags allow ingredients to flow more freely, creating a better infusion. The material is made with plant based fibres and are 100% biodegradable, compostable and petroleum based plastic–free largely sourced from sugarcane & abaca fibres.

All components of our refill, compstable pouches comply with the ASTM standard D6400 and ISO Standard EN13432.

The pouch is designed specifically to support specialty teas by using a multilayer structure with superior oxygen and moisture barrier, which is critical for preserving product freshness.

We use whole leaf quality tea and botanical ingredients inspired largely by Ayurvedic and adaptogenic properties.

All blends are free of artificial flavouring, ingredients or added sugars in addition to being wheat & dairy free.

Some of our blends contain natural flavourings extracted from spices, flowers and botanical ingredients.

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