blends with benefits

level up your daily rituals.

wellness rituals shouldn't be complicated.

We're tease. We create all natural, tea + botanical based products that compliment each other and your goals without compromising convenience, sustainability, or impact.

for the one with high (temperature) standards:
the smart heated mug kit
for the one who is relentlessly ambitious:
glow getter earl grey scrub
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for high (temperature) standards.

never drink lukewarm tea again

meet the worlds first fully biodegradable & refillable tea collection.

We love beautiful packaging but hated the idea of having to toss it so we created an alternative.

From outer packaging to our plant based pyramid tea bags, our collection is 100% biodegradable and refillable.

the reviews are in:


Tease reminds me to take time, slow down, and be present while taking care of myself. I love every blend and love the refill program even more. I never have to think about ordering more tea.

Halifax, NS

A tea company that has great values?? Sign us up! So impressed with the blends themselves and their company values.

Toronto, Canada (@plantbasedrelationship)

Tease makes the best blends and accessories for my everyday living + wellness goals. I never leave home without my 3 in 1 tumbler.

Los Angeles, CA (@sammiegreen)

The best matcha I have ever had! hand grown by small growers in Japan the quality is 🙌

I’ll usually start the day with a coffee and make a matcha for the afternoon as it’s more of a calming focused feeling rather than jittery.

Toronto, ON (@TriciaKopec)

blends with benefits:

benefiting you.

From sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm, and more. Whatever your goal, we've got you covered. 

benefiting the planet.

Our tube packaging is 100% biodegradable + refillable & our pyramid tea bags are made of plant-based fibres, plastic-free, and also fully biodegradable.

benefiting women.

A portion of proceeds from every order supports ambitious women founders through our funding and mentorship programs.

proudly woman owned and formulated by a tea sommelier & herbalist:
live & lead conciously.

Tease creates blends that support you to live and lead consciously.

We’re on a mission to show everyone that they have exceptional power to impact themselves, their communities, and their planet. We do this through supporting daily intentional rituals that create long lasting impact. One cup at a time.

-Sheena Brady, Founder & Tea Sommelier
-Amanda Baker, COO + Herbalist